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  • Flying Without Wings - A World War II Thriller

    A young prisoner Johan Falkner swears revenge on the fleeing Nazis who have robbed him of so much.

  • All The Bridges We Cross

    Can a gentle French boatbuilder, amidst a world at war, cross the bridges that lead to heroism?

  • The Luna Legacy - A Historical Mystery Thriller

    Living as a man and pregnant with Christopher Columbus’s child, Ana-María de Carbonela is given a secret mission by Queen Isabella to find and protect an ancient secret.

  •  Madison Avenue by Paula Wynne and Jan Foster 700px

    Madison Avenue

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    Three countries. Two cousins. One dark secret, a killer will do anything to bury.

  • Elixa - Prequel To The Torcal Trilogy



    Conspiracy, heresy, the might of the medieval church, a mysterious Moor, alchemy, a love-struggle and a touch of the supernatural. It's all woven into this story about a girl living at Abadía del Torcal.

  • The Grotto's Secret - Book 1 The Torcal Trilogy

    An award-winning Historical Conspiracy Thriller for fans of Glenn Cooper, Kate Mosse and James Rollins!

  • Cold Feet by Paula Wynne

    Cold Feet

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    On a winter’s day, a woman finds herself on a country lane in Wales and realizes she doesn’t know who she is, where she’s from or what she is doing there.

  • Pimp My Site by Paula Wynne

    A complete course in do-it-yourself digital marketing in 14 bite-sized lessons.

  • A-Z Writers' Character Quirks

    A~Z Writers’ Character Quirks: A~ Z of Behaviours, Foibles, Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks for Writers to Create Fictional Characters.