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Grab your FREE sample chapters of elixa! Conspiracy, heresy, the might of the medieval church, a mysterious Moor, alchemy, a love-struggle and a touch of the supernatural. It's all woven into this story about a girl living at Abadía del Torcal.

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The year is 1178, and in the remote, mountain community of Abadía del Torcal a young girl, Elixabet Luz, witnesses a startling lunar event. She begins to unlock the mysterious healing powers of the stones that have been sent to earth, but in just a few short weeks she must forsake the young hunter she loves and be married off to a local nobleman.

As she struggles in the little time she has left to convince those around her of the wondrous gift from the skies, she falls foul of a fanatical monk who accuses her of heresy and witchcraft.

Now she faces the worst fate of all: to burn at the stake.

Free Chapters

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K. DeMers Dowdall (not verified)
Hello Paula, I am so glad I stopped by Nickolas's blog today and I do frequently. I love historical thrillers too and my genre is Historical Thrillers with magic, witches, ghosts, alchemists, and fairies. and so, I guess one could say that my genre(s) are historical, magical, and thrilling (I hope). Of course, I didn't start out with historical, I wrote a middle grade science fiction, then a paranormal thriller, and a mystery thriller. I just finished writing a historical time-slip paranormal thriller. I loved writing it. It has become my genre.
Dianne Boadle (not verified)
Love the cover Paula, it really helps to give you an idea of what might happen. I have also left my review on, I have been waiting for Elixa to be released so I could leave it. Congratulations on a great story I really enjoyed it
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Paula Wynne
 Thank you for your review Dianne, it's really lovely to hear how much you enjoyed the book!
Kathleen Goelkel (not verified)
Love the cover I can't find where to post my review
Jackie (not verified)
Love the cover. Totally awesome. Love your books more even without a cover
Cathy (not verified)
Love the new cover! Wasn't totally happy with the other one but wow on this one! Reviews have been left on Amazon (which is taking their own sweet time to post it!), Goodreads, and Bookbub.
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Paula Wynne
Thank you so much Cathy, very much appreciated!
Stephen Milano (not verified)
It looks pretty good. If it were me, I would make Elixa’s Shoulders, upper chest, and neckline more translucent. I think it subliminally draws the eye away from other objects, kind of like a geometric shape. (but, maybe that’s just me) Best Of luck with your work, Stephen.
TIFFANY MILES (not verified)
Sexy and very deep
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