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  • Flying Without Wings - A World War II Thriller

    A young prisoner Johan Falkner swears revenge on the fleeing Nazis who have robbed him of so much.

  • All The Bridges We Cross

    A brutal war. An implacable enemy. With a young life on the line, will a simple man risk everything to smuggle her away from certain death?

  • The Luna Legacy - A Historical Mystery Thriller

    Living as a man and pregnant with Christopher Columbus’s child, Ana-María de Carbonela is given a secret mission by Queen Isabella to find and protect an ancient secret.

  •  Madison Avenue by Paula Wynne and Jan Foster 700px

    Madison Avenue

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    Three countries. Two cousins. One dark secret, a killer will do anything to bury.

  • Elixa - Prequel To The Torcal Trilogy



    Conspiracy, heresy, the might of the medieval church, a mysterious Moor, alchemy, a love-struggle and a touch of the supernatural. It's all woven into this story about a girl living at Abadía del Torcal.

  • The Grotto's Secret - Book 1 The Torcal Trilogy

    An award-winning Historical Conspiracy Thriller for fans of Glenn Cooper, Kate Mosse and James Rollins!

  • Cold Feet by Paula Wynne

    Cold Feet

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    On a winter’s day, a woman finds herself on a country lane in Wales and realizes she doesn’t know who she is, where she’s from or what she is doing there.

  • Pimp My Site by Paula Wynne

    A complete course in do-it-yourself digital marketing in 14 bite-sized lessons.

  • A-Z Writers' Character Quirks

    A~Z Writers’ Character Quirks: A~ Z of Behaviours, Foibles, Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks for Writers to Create Fictional Characters.

  • 101 Writers’ Scene Settings: Unique Location Ideas & Sensory Details for Writers’ to Create Vivid Scene Setting.

    Scene Settings are critical pieces of the puzzle that will eventually make up your entire novel, so use these location ideas and sensory details to create vivid settings.

  • This writer's essential resource is the first book to read before you write your bestselling novel!

    Pimp My Fiction is the ultimate guide to every useful, interesting, and downright indispensable writing instruction book.

  • For fans of Psychological Thrillers

    If you can't trust your family, who can you trust?