Inpiration for Amulet of Ages

Born from an undying love for a dying cat.
Inpiration for Amulet of Ages

My beloved Freddie, who, out of my 7 cats, is my most loving and tactile cat. He was diagnosed with Leukaemia a month ago and given a few weeks to live. Facing the possibility of losing him within a few short weeks, a wave of grief washed over me.

To help me deal with this grief, to cope with this impending loss and cherish his memory, and to ready myself for when he leaves us, I embarked on a heartfelt journey – to immortalize him in a book series. I have created a series where Freddie will live forever and take kids on adventures into historical events that have always intrigued humanity.

In each book, Freddie will take different kids aged 7-10 on adventures where he shape-shifts into a human boy and then at the end of the adventure he goes back to being his normal temple cat self who only finds out in the first book that he is from immortal ancestry. Of course, it was fitting that I created him to be one of Cleopatra's cats and he has Bastet and Mau ancestors to give the stories more depth and intrigue.

So this book series is created from the depths of my soul and to ensure that a wonderfully loyal, loving cat with the most indomitable spirit lives on through time. Please help to get this tone right, not morbid but emotive and evocative and sharing my personal journey with this story.

This series isn't just about a cat; it's about love, adventure, and the enduring spirit that transcends time. 

Inspired by Freddie's boundless affection, I've created a world where he lives on as a shapeshifting cat, whisking curious children on incredible adventures through history's most fascinating chapters. Each story will pay homage to his Egyptian heritage, with hints of his Bastet and Mau ancestry woven into the narrative. 

More than just entertainment, this series is a personal tribute to Freddie's unwavering loyalty, a testament to the deep bond we shared. It's a way for his playful spirit and loving nature to continue inspiring young readers for generations to come.