Bridge of Lies

The Zookeeper’s Wife Meets All the Light We Cannot See
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Can a gentle French boatbuilder, amidst a world at war, cross the bridge that leads to heroism?

Bridge of Lies by Paula Wynne

Courage flows where danger runs deep.


Occupied France, 1942. Garonne de la Fontaine, a boatbuilder with a gentle heart, is torn between his desire to protect those in need and his fear of the brutal Nazi regime. When his friend brings him a terrified Jewish teenager, fearing for her life, Garonne reluctantly agrees to shelter her, putting his own safety on the line.

As the Gestapo descends upon his home, Garonne desperately tries to smuggle the girl out of harm's way, navigating the treacherous river under the cloak of darkness. But their escape is far from over. When the Resistance rescues them from a perilous encounter, they inform Garonne of an English spy held captive in a nearby castle – a castle he knows intimately.

With time running out and lives hanging in the balance, Garonne faces the agonizing choice of whether to remain a passive observer or become the hero that others desperately need. He must navigate a web of lies and confront his deepest fears, risking everything for the sake of freedom and justice.

Bridge of Lies is a gripping historical thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you witness Garonne's transformation from a reluctant hero to a fearless advocate for liberty.

Immerse yourself in the dangerous world of Nazi-occupied France, where ordinary people make extraordinary choices. Bridge of Lies weaves heart-pounding action with emotionally charged dilemmas, creating a tapestry of courage, sacrifice, and unexpected valor. This riveting tale will keep you spellbound from the first page to the last.

Bridge of Lies is part of the Occupied France Series

If you were captivated by "The Boat Runner" by Devin Murphy, moved by "The Invisible Bridge" by Julie Orringer, or thrilled by "The Winter Guest" by Pam Jenoff, you'll be enthralled by Bridge of Lies

This compelling narrative weaves the moral complexity of "Suite Française" by Irène Némirovsky with the suspenseful atmosphere of "The Baker's Secret" by Stephen P. Kiernan, all set against the treacherous backdrop of Nazi-occupied France.


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    Bridge of Lies

    Sample Chapters

    Can a gentle French boatbuilder, amidst a world at war, cross the bridge that leads to heroism?

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