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Pimp My Fiction


This 40,000+word is a full collection of the best writing resource guides to teach you how to write a novel! Save money before buying writing books that may not be what your novel requires.

Pimp My Fiction is the 'ultimate guide to every useful, interesting and downright indispensable writing instruction book' Steve Alcorn.

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How To Write A Novel

This writer's essential resource is the first book to read before you write your bestselling novel!

Why? Each chapter includes the best books for starting your novel, from plot and structure, to creating characters with character profiles and templates, to writing in different genres.  As an aspiring novelist herself, Paula Wynne is obsessed with writing books on every subject that covers how to write a bestselling novel.
From the author of the bestselling Pimp My Site, you will find all the writing reference books you need to write a powerful plot with compelling characters.

Don’t Just Write A Novel ~ Write A Bestselling Novel

Writing a bestselling novel is a journey that needs excellent writing technique guides to help you at every stage of creating a page-turning novel. Pimp My Fiction was written to provide aspiring novelists and successful authors with all the writing tools to begin writing a novel.
Pimp My Fiction lists books for you to learn:

  • The Craft of Writing: Find out what a bestselling, page-turning novel requires
  • Structure Your Novel: Learn the different story structures and which one may suit your novel
  • Your First Few Pages: Why it is important to hook your reader from the first sentence
  • Creating Characters: How to create believable characters that readers will love
  • Character Viewpoint: Which character viewpoint should you use and why
  • Character Templates: Various resources for creating compelling fictional people;
  • Creating Villains: Like heroes, your villains must jump off the page and grab your readers
  • Character Emotions: Why your characters must have an emotional journey along with your readers
  • Writing Dialogue: Why each character should have their own voice and how dialogue reveals their personality
  • Cinematic Settings: Make your settings and scene locations come alive with vivid, sensory details
  • Sci-Fi, Supernatural and Fantasy: How to write in these fascinating genres
  • Other Genres: Whether your passion is writing thrillers, supernatural and paranormal, fantasy and science fiction or romance, or even children’s books, there are several other genre resources
  • Writing for Children: Learn how to write for children and young adults
  • Writing a Thriller: It's not only pace that sets your novel alight, find out the secrets to thrill readers
  • Blueprints: Find writing templates and blueprints to get your novel started immediately
  • Self-Editing: How to use self-editing tips and tricks to hone and tone your novel
  • Dictionaries and Thesauruses: A long list of every kind of Dictionary and Thesaurus a writer requires

So, if you’re reading this because you want to find out how to write a novel, this ultimate list of fiction writing technique books will arm you with all the ammunition you need. Save yourself eons of time trying to find the right books to improve your writing. This one book will give you all the answers!

After reading this book, you’ll understand all the elements of writing a novel. Pimp My Fiction will provide you with armfuls of books on every writing subject to improve your novel writing, transform your novel into a page turning bestseller and ensure your success as a novelist.

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