G~K Of Historical Conspiracy Mystery Thriller Authors

If you're a lover of thrillers, especially conspiracy action adventures with a historical mystery twist, you'll want to find authors who write in this exciting genre. Below you'll find my list of G ~ K conspiracy thriller authors, but do check my full list of Historical Conspiracy Mystery Thriller Authors You Need to Follow.

David Gibbins

Twitter: http://twitter.com/gibbinsdavid
Website: http://davidgibbins.com/
David Gibbins is both a Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author.  He is also an archeologist.  One of his series, Jack Howard, is an archaeological adventure/thriller that Gibbons draws his own experience and training for.  Gibbons is also a frequent traveler which adds to giving descriptions of the world in his books.

Michael C. Grumley

Twitter: https://twitter.com/michaelcgrumley
Website: https://www.michaelgrumley.com/
Writing was Michael Grumley’s dream for years.  He was under the opinion that many stories weren’t being written the way they should be.  They didn’t “move” their audience.  Thus when Michael began writing his books focused heavily on plots.  His plots keep readers guessing throughout the whole book, he doesn’t want you to be able to figure out the end, until the end.

Tom Harper

Twitter: http://twitter.com/tomharperauthor
Website: http://www.tom-harper.co.uk/
Tom Harper has written books under both the listed name and the name Edwin Thomas.  His stories run a wide range of topics and he has a trilogy, a series, and a collection of individual books.  A historian by education Tom Harper has a lot of knowledge to draw upon for his books.  He also likes keeping his fan base up to date on what he is watching and reading.

Raymond Khoury

Twitter: http://twitter.com/RaymondKhoury
Website: http://raymondkhoury.com/
Raymond Khoury is the author of a handful of amazing books.  Some of his books have an emphasis on religion, focusing on the Knights Templar.  Other of his books deal with finding secret societies, unusual views of the past, and just general historical thrillers.  Raymond's books will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Iain King

Twitter: http://twitter.com/iainbking
Website: http://iainbking.com/
Iain King is a British author who has five titles to his name.  He brands himself as not just a historical writer but a writer of ethic related books.  Around the world Iain King gives lectures about war, ethics, and peace.

Tom Knox

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thomasknox
Website: http://tomknoxwriter.com
Tom Knox is the pseudonym for Sean Thomas.  He has four views to his name.  At least some of his books have action and adventure.  His most recent book Genesis Secret has been compared to The Da Vinci Code and has sinister undertones.  He is both a journalist and a writer and as such has the chance to travel often.

Chris Kuzneski

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ChrisKuzneski
Website: http://www.chriskuzneski.com/
Chris Kuzneski is an American author who was considered the class clown in school but now has a good selection of books to his name.  God plays a role in a good portion of his books but they all have a wide range of inspiration.  He has even sold the movie rights to one of his books.  His work has been translated into more than fifteen languages and has made New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller lists.

If you find any other authors who write similar books, please do let me know so I can add them to this list.

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