C~D Of Historical Conspiracy Mystery Thriller Authors

In my search for Historical Conspiracy Mystery Thriller Authors You Need to Follow, I have created an A~Z list of fantastic authors. If you love thrillers, especially conspiracy action adventures with a historical mystery twist, check the C ~ D list below.

Alex Connor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alexconnorwrite
Website: http://alexconnorthrillers.com/
Alex Connor is a writer of thrillers and historical fiction.  She works hard to wrap both mystery and conspiracy into her books.  Over her years Alex has held jobs in a variety of industries and specialties from model to personal assistant, to working in an art gallery.  This helps to provide her with insider info on the various different industries.

Glenn Cooper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GlennCooper
Website: http://www.glenncooperbooks.com/
Glenn Cooper focusses on writing thriller books that entertain the masses.  He is a bestselling writer and his work has been translated into thirty different languages.  Currently he has ten books out with some of them having international editions.

Dean Crawford

Twitter: http://twitter.com/DCrawfordBooks
Website: http://www.deancrawfordbooks.com/
When his dreams of becoming a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force were ruined due to an eyesight issue, Dean Crawford became a best-selling author.  He has more books than you can count on two hands.  History, religion, and excitement.  He is a full time writer based in the United Kingdom.

Sam Christer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sam_christer
Website: https://www.facebook.com/samchrister/
Sam Christer is the author of the House of Smoke and The House Moriarty, both explorations into mystery, intrigue, and history.  Sam Christer is a pen name for author Michael Morley who also has a selection of books under his own name and the pen name Jon Trace.  His website is currently down but you can explore his Twitter!

A.M. Deane

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AMDeanUK
Website: http://www.amdean-books.com/main/
A.M. is the writer of a handful of books.  He focuses on ancient cultures and religious beliefs, mixing them into historical conspiracy books.  Over his career he has held posts at universities around the world for his expertise in ancient cultures and beliefs.  He focuses heavily on being as believable as possible.

James Douglas

Website: http://www.douglas-jackson.net/
James Douglas is also known as Douglas Jackson and is the author of a handful of books.  When writing under the name of James Douglas he creates pieces of art in the mystery thriller world.  He currently has two books in this category, The Doomsday Testament and The Isis Covenant.  Explore these potentially dark thrillers to get new views on the world.

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