A~B Of Historical Conspiracy Mystery Thriller Authors

I love thrillers, especially conspiracy action adventures with a historical mystery twist, so much, I decided to compile a list of Historical Conspiracy Mystery Thriller Authors You Need to Follow I have created an A~Z list of fantastic authors. Thriller readers can start looking for books by authors on this A ~ B list below.

Will Adams

Website: http://www.willadams.co.uk/
Will Adams is one of those people who took a while to learn what he really liked to do in life, before writing fiction he worked numerous jobs.  Now that he has discovered his love of fiction he has brought the Alexander Cypher and has plans to continue bringing great works of historical fiction.  His book delves into the desert of Libya and the history of Alexander the Great.  Exploring how Alexander’s gold has been hunted for for years.

James Becker

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jbeckerauthor
Website: http://www.james-becker.com/
Six books so far have made James Becker a figure in the historical fiction world.  His works have a very big focus on religion and the Knight's Templar.  James Becker's real name is Peter Stuart Smith but he considers it too boring to use for writing.  He likes name like his books, with intrigue and a sense of adventure. If you like Jame’s books try some of his other pen names: Max Adams, James Barrington, James Becker, Tom Kasey, Peter Lee, Thomas Payne, and Jack Steel.

Steve Berry

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SteveBerryBooks
Website: http://steveberry.org/
Steve Berry has written a good selection of books.  Some of them focus very heavily on politics while others feel more like adventure style books.  He travels the world to get experience for his novels but also brings his wife with him on his adventures.  Steve is a New York Times and International bestselling author.

Charles Brokaw

Website: http://www.charlesbrokaw.com/Charles_Brokaw/Welcome.html
Charles Brokaw is the author of The Atlantis Code, a book that has made its way amongst many historical fiction readers.  It, along with a lot of his writing is full of religious exploration.  He delves into what could lay in the darkest corners of religious society.  Unfortunately, Charles Brokaw has passed away but his books remain for you to enjoy.

Graham Brown

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThrillerGB
Website: http://grahambrownthrillers.com/
Graham Brown is yet another New York Times Bestseller.  He too has worked with Clive Cussler on two NUMA Files series. Graham has also worked with Spencer J. Andrews on Shadows of The Midnight Sun.  He focuses on thrillers that relate to past cities and cultures.  Besides the work with Clive Cussler and Spencer J. Andrews, Graham has three of his own books.

There you have it. A list of authors who you simply have to read if you love this genre as much as I do!

Even though their work varies greatly, these authors' novels will give conspiracy thriller enthusiasts and historical mystery fanatics some of the best suspense reading.  Some of them are completely serious authors who try to keep their work as realistic as possible, while others take a more fantastical view to their writing.  No matter which author from this list you pick, you are sure to get a good heart-racing read.  Grab a novel from one of these greats thriller authors, snuggle up, and read.  You won’t be getting up for a while.

If you find any other authors who write similar books, please do let me know so I can add them to this list.

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