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Author of the Amazon bestselling book, Create A Successful Website, Paula runs a series of half day training workshops for new web owners as well as online training courses on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, PR and How to Create A Successful  Website.

She doesn't claim to be a technical expert, instead she enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with novices to inspire others to do it themself. Her own experience as an business woman has proved that ordinary people can do it for themselves!

If you're stuck for time and can't get to a training workshop venue, why not consider doing an Online Training Course with Paula at a time that suits you and from the comfort of your own home?

Who should do Paula's training courses

Read the full training course details below the summary or see what some of the attendees on Paula's latest SEO and PR Bootcamp had to say ...

Become a PR Expert, by Doing it Yourself

This hands on, interactive workshop is intended for new business owners and managers of smaller businesses who want to improve their corporate image to ensure media coverage, become an industry epert in their chosen field.

The workshop is suitable for businesses that have not yet ventured into PR, and for those who already have a PR Strategy and want to give it a boost.

In this workshop you will be introduced to:
•    Targeting and working with the media
•    Promoting your business through online activity
•    How to ensure constant media attention
•    How to Become a PR Expert in your industry or field
•    All by doing it yourself

See more details on this PR Masterclass.

If you prefer to do a 3 hour workshop, please see more details on Become a PR Expert Workshop.

Become Google's No 1, by Doing it Yourself

This non-technical user-friendly workshop is intended for novices who want to improve their website visibility, for novices who want to become Google’s No 1 and for anyone who wants to improve their search engine optimisation.
In this workshop you will be introduced to:
•    Keywords and why they are key to online performance
•    Meta data and why you must weave it through your website
•    How to outrank your competitors
•    How to become Google’s No 1
•    All by doing it yourself

See more details on this SEO Masterclass.

Create Online Success with a Do it Yourself Website

This non-technical user-friendly workshop is intended for beginners who want to set up a web profile and to make use of the internet to market their company, product or service.

In this workshop you will be introduced to:
•    Branding and why it is vital to success
•    Sticky Content and how to keep ‘em coming back
•    Creating a navigation map and getting the best from a web designer
•    How to achieve higher search engine visibility
•    Key Performance Indicators

See more details on this DIY Website Masterclass.

Other Start Up Training Workshops
How to set up a website
How to work with Keywords
How to use Email Marketing
How to use Social Media
How to earn revenue in sponsorships
How to enter Awards to earn credibility and recognition

If you would like more information or book on one the above courses that does not list a date, please do keep in touch.

Contact Paula to arrange for her to speak at one of your events or to book one of her workshops. If you run a networking group, please contact Paula if you would like to earn revenue from a joint workshop or masterclass.

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