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Bizarre Abadoned Hospital


This abandoned hospital hallway gave me the idea to have Kelby trip over an old wheelchair and crashes to the dusty floor when she is pursued by the baddie. What happens next? Read The Grotto's Secret to find out.

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The Grotto's Secret

Mad Scientists LabInspiring A Historical Conspiracy NovelCastor Oil Is Poisonous!Underground Mansion TunnelCastor Oil Plant Is Poisonous!The Grotto's Secret Abadoned Rusting Hospital WheelchairMedieval Costumes Paper DollsThe Grotto's Secret - Comparable To Silence of the Lambs
Medieval Shoes Featured In The Grotto's Secret
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Revision and Self Editing For Publication
About The Grotto's Secret
A WWII feel-good historical romance giveaway
Sunlight Into Dolmen
Gloria Kempton in her book called Dialogue
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The X Stone Crystals
Medieval Abbey

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