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Okay, okay, this isn’t the same kinda lady that we shared our honeymoon with.

This one also has four legs but is decidedly larger. Not to say my groom prefers larger ladies, but her big black eyes simply just melted his kind and caring heart and now he has to go down to the farm each day to feed her.

It all started earlier in the year when we were off to our local pub after a long day of toiling in our home office. We passed this field with this very lonely looking horse and Ken said that next time we’d throw her a carrot.

Which we did.

Ken feeding horse after long day working at home

She chomped them all and her big eyes were looking for more.

Needless to say we came back the next day with a few more and this soon developed into a nightly ritual.

First it was tossing the carrots over the little stream at the bottom of her paddock and then we got brave and ventured into her field.

When I say brave I don’t mean we were scared of her, but were unsure who the owner was or if they would mind us feeding her. We never saw anyone around ever so we just got on with feeding her.

In no time at all we were down at Scats asking about hay and ended up buying special horse feed. That moved on to horse nuts which aren’t like our yummy almonds or cashews or hazelnuts or healthy snacks we chomp on during our home working day.

No, these look like green rolled pellets and have lots of goodness for horses. Of course, we didn’t know this and were firing questions at the Scats staff like the newbies we are.

In summer, our pastoral duties included brushing her down and turning her into a war-horse. War Horse? Heck, no, we weren’t sending her to Afganistan with an armed rifle, but we did try and protect her from the army of flies attacking every part of her as they swarmed in droves biting at her eyes and ears and any place they could to lay their eggs inside her!

Horrid, hey?

The poor girl was flapping her tail at them, but the sods wouldn’t let up so that ended in another trip to Scats to find out how to help her. We left with a thick, bright yellow citronella ointment and were told to smear it around the areas where the flies bothered her the most. Thus … she ended up looking like a war horse!

Thus … she ended up looking like a war horse!

She is an overweight Gypsy Cob with the most awful nails … err hoofs you ever did see. When the owner decided to ‘drive’ her in summer finally she presented her new Jimmy Choos to us in her normal gallop to the fence when we came in for her nightly feeds.

At first she was very unused to being stroked and even touched but now she loves a cuddle. Ken has found a particular spot on her back that she loves to have scratched and in return nuzzles us.

Horse … as we call her, is very sweet natured despite being huge and potentially dangerous – she stood on my toes one night by accident and wow, was she heavy and boy did my toes ache and go blue!

Apart from that little mishap she’s become part of our end of buHow do you destress after your home business challengessiness day routine.

Many over stressed business couples find their own way of relaxing and re-energising their batteries.

This isn’t the only way we do it, but it certainly gives us satisfaction to know she loves to see us.

Okay, I know she only loves us because of the food.

And after eating she’ll more than likely fart loudly and saunter off in search for a patch of green grass, but hey ho, that's horsey life for you.

The moral of the story is that all home business owners should find their own way ‘decompression’ chamber to de-stress after the rigours of the entrepreneurial day.

Ken just loves going to see her and let her gobble carrots out of his hands and biff anyone in the way of the horse feed she gets - her head goes straight in and doesn't surface until she's snaffled it all up.

He gets great pleasure and total relaxation from chatting to her and stroking her. Strange how some animals and especially our home working pets can have this calming effect on us madly-busy human home business beings.

Mine is also writing, walking, movies and gardening and the occasional cycle when Ken convinces me to get onto the mountain bike in the garage hidden under a thick layer of dust.

What’s in your decompression chamber? And more enticingly, what does your hubby like to do to relax? Now, be careful how you answer that one when you post your comments below - ah-hem …

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