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Our favourite property viewed on Escape To The Continent was most definitely the mountain property. When we arrived by car, even though we couldn't look up at the area, we could just hear the peace and quiet of the mountain region.

Compared to the initial sounds of the road and dogs barking in the first property we saw and stayed in, this property was immediately ticking our boxes. As we walked in and looked up at the property, both Ken and myself looked at each other and he said: YES!

Could this house be our mountain property retreat?

This villa with beautiful gardens and pool area also has a separate cabin annex in the woodlands behind the house which could have been our writing retreat business opportunity. Currently it is being run as Cabin Retreat Valencia, but it wasn't right for what we wanted to do with a retreat.

On entering the mountain property, the first thing we saw when we walked in the door was this gorgeous lounge.

ken and paula sheridan loved this lounge overlooking the mountains in escape to the continent tv show

Then we walked out of the lounge door and this is the view overlooking the mountains.

the view overlooking the mountains on ken and paula's escape to the continent

After we walked through the house and loved every bit of it, we were taken out of the front door and this is the view from the door over the swimming pool.

view overlooking the pool from the front door of the mountain property

Another view of the pool ...

a swimming pool view of the mountain property on escape to the continent

And then the cherry on the top - a special little writing retreat for me to spend time writing my novels!

the writing retreat on the mountain property

All in all, this was defo the best property we saw. It has so much to offer us - from the writing retreat to the pool to the stunning mountain views - but sadly the bedrooms were just too small for our lifestyle. We have 3 sons - 2 of them are taller than Ken!

Also the main bedroom was much smaller than our current bedroom and we really wanted something a bit bigger than what we've got. The writing cabin is lovely for me to write in, but I couldn't see anyone paying to stay in there for a week of getting away to retreat and spend time writing. Personally, I wouldn't pay for that therefore I wouldn't expect anyone else to do it. So the cabin couldn't be used for us to rent out as a writing retreat - it could only be used for me to write my novels.

If it wasn't for the bedroom sizes and no space to run a retreat, we would have been extremely tempted to put in an offer on this fantastic Spanish property.

It was our best property viewed on Escape To The Continent. Since our return we have viewed several similar properties online and have selected about 7 to view when we go back to Spain in a couple of months. Most of the properties we have seen since the show are not in Valencia, and we are open to living in other areas.


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