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With us finally on our way to Spain, our Spring Spaniel - Dexter - wrote this blog :)

Ruby I met another little Jack Russell on the ferry to Spain. She was as small as you, but nowhere nearly as much fun. She wouldn't play, just sat there staring at me as though I was a monster.

Imagine that. Me - a monster?  Her brother was pretty much the same. Bit of a wuss cowering behind his dad. Seeing them like that with not even one ounce of fun in them really made me miss you more Rube. Keep up that feisty spirit Ruby girl.

Hey Murphy, a blonde lab was out on the pet deck during one of my wee breaks. She didn't pounce on me like you do. A bit docile. Maybe she was seasick like my mum and dad. She just stood around looking pretty.

Wish I could have had a good romp like you and I have out on the downs, Murph, that would have kicked the boredom in the butt. She smelt a bit odd, though, and made me want to pounce on her tail end. Not sure what all the fuss was about. Or why Mum kept telling me how rude I was. Oh well, maybe another lab will come along who wants to play like we do Murph. She is the only lab seen so far. No reds likeyou or chocolates like Pip.

Fred, my man, if you were here you'd be the captain of Brittany - that large metal kennel full of cars, people and dogs. I can just imagine you strutting around all calm and cool while this big floating chunk of metal heaves and rumbles in the bad weather. All those creaks and groans when Brittany pounded into the huge swells sure freaked out quite a few pooches. Not me though. You'd be proud of me, Fred. I took it all in my stride. You'd look good in a captain's. cap with those little leather ears my folks love to scratch. Ay, ay, captain Fred.

Hi Indi ... I spotted another hairy girl, but unlike your lovely bundle of fur, she was having a bad hair day. She has been cropped almost bald from head to tail, but missing out her head and tail. It made her look like she was joining the army with a number one body cut and her head and tail about to hit a hippie music festival. She was some kind of poodle but not like Goldie more like that little Scottie poodle that lives near Murphy. So Indi if your Mum comes near you with a scissors I've warned you - just leg it!

I caught a terrier poohing on the carpet just inside the pet exercise area. Jack, you need to get over there and give the Ferry crossers some tips in house . . . Err Ferry training.

Talking of exercise, Brittany Ferries don't know the meaning of that word. The only exercise I had was leaping from Mum' bunk over to Dad's. And a bit of bone management.

The walking facilities on Brittany Ferries sure need some attention. A tiny strip of metal with rails. Can't be more than a metre wide and five or so long. We all had to just pee right there. No trees or grass in sight. Doing any other business on a wet slippery metal floor was out of the question. No dignity in that!

Okay, so a ferry is not Perham, I get that, but they could make it a bit more friendly for us leggy guys. Even the folks have to walk on the wet metal deck through who knows what was washed off in the rain. Needless to say Mum was complaining that my paws stunk quite a bit and Dad said I'd get a good bath when we stop at the pine forest hotel. I couldn’t wait for that. My legs needed a good run!

And boy did I run when we got to the hotel. It was sheer bliss after being cooped up in that cabin and the car for 2 days. I felt like Forest Gump and I just ran and ran and ran and didn’t stop for about half an hour. There were a couple of times the folks blew the whistle like crazy thinking I was lost while they walked through the pine trees. Of course, I wasn’t lost – just moggy at being free to run.

Posing with my folks
Posing with my folks Ken and Paula Sheridan

Although it was pretty unsettling watching my entire home being packed into boxes and moved out, and then being shafted into the back of the car, stuck in the back amongst the luggage and not much room to move, I got a good view out the window of Spain.

And Dad not touching a beer last Saturday seemed odd. At first I thought he was recovering from being chalkied when him and Mum went to say Bon Voyage to Shaun and Allison, but Brittany's rocking about did poor Dad in like a kipper.

But we are settling down into life in Spain. I walk on the paths around our new house, but it is not nearly as much fun as Perham Down. There I had fields and trees to run wild and rabbit holes to poke my nose into, whereas here the mountain is pretty steep and I keep wanting to leap down and sniff about, but the folks yell at me telling me it’s too steep. I did take a tumble yesterday and had the shale under my paws just giving way. Luckily my rear-wheel drive back legs helped me to zip back up despite the avalanche of stone giving way under me.

The house is different – no carpets but at least the tiles have underfloor heating so all I need to do is find a warm spot and sink down. I can’t wait to dive into the pool when the weather warms up. I have a new mate called Chloe, who is a black Retriever. She belongs to the man who comes to sort out the holiday rentals and she doesn’t mind me jumping up and kissing her all the time. She even kisses back sometimes.

All in all, another day into my Spanish adventure with hope that when we finally settle into our new home that I will find a bunch of great mates like you lot in Perham and maybe have acres of land to run around. I even heard Mum saying she wanted to get me a little lady friend so I could have someone to play with. Now that sounds like a great idea …

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