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As a conspiracy thriller writer I am fixated with reading books that race against time.

But today I have had a sad and desperate race against time. While out walking my mad, energetic Springer Spaniel along the dirt tracks around our Spanish home, Dexter spotted something in the campo (countryside) and raced around a big brown bundle of feathers.

On closer inspection I saw it was an injured vulture. We rushed home and went back with a few pieces of raw chicken. We also immediately phoned a friend who called up a the Spanish police. They told her to call an animal protection agency, which she did.

After numerous phone calls and much worry, we still had no answer so we went back to see him. He had eaten the few scraps of meat so we gave him more, but he had moved into a different position and his wing looked at an odd angle. He is either in pain or so weak to move his wing back beside him.

My fear is that a fox will get him in the night because he is so weak. It is so sad to see just a huge wild bird, who should be able to protect himself, in this vulnerable position ~ so obviously unable to help himself!

We have tried everything, but as it is a holiday today in Spain we cannot get anyone to come and fetch him. Worse still, we are not allowed to pick him up and take him anywhere because he is a protected species and it's against the law to touch him.

What a race against time! Trying to save a poor creature who will surely die tonight ...

*UPDATE: A friend helped me rescue the vulture and he survived the night in a cage in my guest cottage. He was collected by animal protection the following day and is now safe in their sanctuary. Phew ...

*UPDATE: I used this experience for one of my characters - Nina Monterossa rescues a vulture in The Sacred Symbol!

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