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Hidden WW2 Bunker Found At Hamble Airfield


This true event was used 'fictionally' in my WW2 novel Flying Without Wings. I was researching hidden bunkers in airfields because my character is involved with finding one that holds an extremely important yet secret map from WW2.

I stumbled upon this article and decided to use the same scenario in my book but changing the characters and other details. This happened in 2013 but I changed that to be in my setting of 1985. What happens in Flying Without Wings that changes Matt's life forever?

Find out in Flying Without Wings.

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Here's the true story...

Engineers have uncovered a World War II bunker, said to be  of “national significance”, while digging a trench on the former airfield site at Hamble.
The bunker was found on land behind Hamble Lane by engineers from contractor 4Delivery who were laying a new sewer for Southern Water.

During World War 2, Hamble’s North Airfield was mainly used as a base for repairing Spitfires, though the airfield also handled some much larger aircraft, including the B17 Flying Fortress.

These larger aircraft were also repaired and modified locally, with one B17 notoriously becoming stuck in the mud in January 1943, partially blocking Hamble Lane, having recently been fitted with some top-secret submarine detection equipment.

The full story is here:

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