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Elixa - Prequel To The Luna Legacy


Grab your FREE copy of elixa! Conspiracy, heresy, the might of the medieval church, a mysterious Moor, alchemy, a love-struggle and a touch of the supernatural. It's all woven into this story about a girl living at Abadía del Torcal.

Elixa will be available on all bookstores in the future, but for the time being I am offering my historical thriller novel on an exclusive download. Browse through the different images that inspired me while writing Elixa.


The year is 1178, and in the remote, mountain community of Abadía del Torcal a young girl, Elixabet Luz, witnesses a startling lunar event. She begins to unlock the mysterious healing powers of the stones that have been sent to earth, but in just a few short weeks she must forsake the young hunter she loves and be married off to a local nobleman.

As she struggles in the little time she has left to convince those around her of the wondrous gift from the skies, she falls foul of a fanatical monk who accuses her of heresy and witchcraft.

Now she faces the worst fate of all: to burn at the stake.

Free Chapters

Try before you buy? If you'd like to see if you'll get your teeth into the story before you pre-order, grabsample chapters here.

Grab your free chapters here

The Torcal Trilogy

If you like historical fiction set in the medieval era, take a look at THE TORCAL TRILOGY ON AMAZON

Elixa on Amazon


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Dolmen Inner Light Featured In Elixa
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Ancient Catacomb Chapel  featured in The Luna Legacy
Dolmen Inner Light Featured In Elixa
The Alchemy of Happiness
The family of the Sultan Boabdil of Alhambra Palace

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