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As an award-winning businesswoman Paula was constantly amazed at how many people asking the same questions time and time again. So she decided to write a simple to understand beginner's guide to help online beginners in their quest to create a successful online presence. Her experience has shown the experts that an ordinary person can achieve online success by teaching themselves how to create a great looking website.

Create A Successful Website is a beginner's visual step-by-step guide showing exactly how to create an online business or website by ‘Doing it Yourself. This book will reduce time intensive wrong turns and avoid detours when they create an online business. Download a free sample chapter, which also includes the full table of contents so you can see the extensive topics covered.

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Expert Advice On Building WebsitesCreate A Successful Website, by Paula Wynne

As well as easy steps on how to set up and start a website, the book is jam packed with:

* To Dos
* Pros and Cons
* Bulleted lists
* Checklists
* Questions to ask

* Dos and Don’ts
* And examples of various experts advising on the successes of their websites.
See the full table of contents for Create A Successful Website.

The experts each list their biggest challenge and most important online success, from the days when they were just starting out. All of the advice and expertise will relate to the daily tasks for optimising an online presence.

Do It Yourself Website

This down-to-earth book will answer all the questions and concerns that new start ups face and in particular focuses on the DIY angle to save costs by doing lots of tasks in house.

The book shows business people that they don’t have to rely on expensive agencies to create a basic online strategy. It's a source of encouragement and inspiration as well as providing a wealth of practical information for the millions of ‘Homepreneurs’ facing the increasingly complex world of SEO.

Using screen shots, text and illustrations, Create a Successful Website, makes it easy for anyone to learn how to build a web presence, what pitfalls to watch out for and how to ensure the basics of search engine optimisation are put in place from the concept all the way through to online success.

Websites Dos and Don’ts

Clear, easy-to-follow screen shots and instructions walk you through each task from beginning to end. Create a Successful Website starts with a comprehensive ‘Dos and Don’ts’ list for the novice, followed by detailed illustrations, lively screen shots with short and snappy explanations to guide you through each daily task.

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