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Book Marketing For Authors


Book Marketing for Authors: Essential Steps for Before, During and After Your Book Launch

There’s a lot of book marketing activities that you can do for free and set up quickly. Others may take longer and over time you can set them up and get them done. This book will help writers and new authors get up to speed on what they should be doing LONG BEFORE their book is finished.

To make it easy to follow and to show you how many activities you can be doing (but not to scare you), the book is laid out in sections with activities to do before, during and after your book launch. That means you should be starting your book marketing program long before you finish writing your novel. All the steps are simple enough for you to manage yourself.

The Book Marketing Before, During and After Your Book Launch will show you:
• What to do while you're writing your book
• How to set up various book marketing activities you'll need at the various stages of marketing your book
• How to build a list of reader subscribers long before your book is ready
• What do to when you launch your book
• How to get a buzz going amongst your new subscribers
• How to tap into Amazon so they help you market your book
• How to work with other authors to find new readers
• How to engage with these new readers so they tell others about your book
• How to keep the sales momentum going and get into the bestseller charts

As part of the Authors’ Book Marketing Series, this book will explain all the steps needed to make your book a success, from the day you start writing!

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The Book Marketing world is flooded with lots of noise from successful authors and publishers. Most new authors dipping their toes in this world are daunted and scared. It's mind-boggling trying to figure out what to do first and next and after that.

After I worked my way throught the book marketing maze to get my first novel into the bestselling charts without huge injections of money, I wrote this book to guide new authors (and established authors who still struggle with the complexities of book marketing) through each step of book marketing during the book writing and launch process.

It’s exciting. Daunting. Nerve-wracking. Nail-biting. Time-consuming. All of that, but so worth it when you see your novel making enough sales to hit the paid bestselling charts.

Book Marketing Before, During and After Your Book Launch has been set up in a chronical order for you to know what you should be doing before, during and after you launch your books. The book is divided into three sections, and in each there are heading topics and numbered lists. No matter where you are in your book marketing campaigns, you can dip in and out of the different sections and chapters. This resource book will come in handy at any stage of your Self-Publishing career.

If you're still writing your book, grab a free book on how to write a novel at Paula Wynne’s website and a free book on the 7 steps to a bestselling novel.

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