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As an eighteen year old Paula Wynne started writing novels. She had to put them on hold while she raised her son, but she maintained the love ♥ until her husband, Ken Sheridan, decided to retire early.

Moving to Spain allowed Paula to fulfil her lifelong dream to write novels. During the hunt for their new home in rural Andalucía, Paula and her husband found a beautiful home with stunning views down the Valle del Guadalhorce to Malaga and Marbella.

Apart from a whitewashed village in the far distance, the valley is lush with green wheat fields and rolling hills, shadowed by layer after layer of mountains. Paula’s first sight of the Guadalhorce Valley took her breath away and gave birth to the fictional location of The Grotto's Secret.

Paula received an ‘Honourable Mention’ in the 75th Annual Writers Digest Writing Competition for her forthcoming novels Shadow Hunter and The Knowing.

Paula and her husband Ken starred in the BBC show Escape to the Continent, which showed their quest to live in Spain.

When Paula is not writing, she will be pottering in her garden, walking her Springer Spaniel along the country tracks around her home or exploring caves and ruins in Andalucía.

Paula runs and features a lucky draw every month for her readers to win new novels and books.

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