Who Will Like The Grotto's Secret

Who Will Like The Grotto's Secret

If you love bedding down with a strong female protagonist novel, in The Grotto’s Secret you'll be swept along with a workaholic businesswoman, who inadvertently gets tangled in a historical conspiracy web.

Join our heroine, Kelby Wade, to fight the baddies. As she tugs on a small thread, it unravels a vast conspiracy that causes a disaster for her loved ones.

Kelby’s story is interlaced with Ana-María’s quest, so if you’re into time-slip, or if you enjoy a pinch of the supernatural, you’ll find it here.

Along with the heroines, you too could be chasing ancient remedies, searching through history to unravel its secrets, and discovering a mystery that could lead to a global phenomenon.

If you love women-in-peril thrillers, The Grotto’s Secret is your thrill.

So if you think this conspiracy thriller novel will hook you, why not request a copy now and become one of my Beta Readers!