Praise For The Grottos Secret

Praise For The Grottos Secret

Readers who have read The Grotto's Secret have had this to say ...

"In The Grotto's Secret, Paula Wynne has weaved an intriguing mystery of historical secrets and modern thrills. Wynne uses detailed settings to layer story elements that will keep readers guessing. I especially liked Maria's scenes. They gave the book a unique cultural and historical flavor." Allison Maruska, author of The Fourth Descendent

“Past and present blended masterfully together in this page turning historical conspiracy thriller guaranteed to leave readers wanting more.” Angela Crouch

“The Grotto’s Secret is a fast-paced, exhilarating thriller that left me panting for more.” Ros Brookman   

“The Grotto’s Secret’s first chapter had me hooked straight away.” Helen Johnson

“A good read for fans of Kate Mosse and Glenn Cooper. I was hooked very early in the story and kept paced throughout.” Graham Bird

“The Grotto’s secret is a real page turner. Paula is a great writer, I could envision all the characters on screen. I highly recommend it to others.” Clare Keogh Editing Services

“Fascinating and absorbing, an exciting debut novel from an established business writer.” Debbie Jenkins (author

"I found "The Grotto's Secret" very entertaining. I am sort of a history buff so that aspect was what caught my interest. Paula did a wonderful job tying past and present together, and her desription of the Spanish countryside was spectacular." Niles Jacobsen

"The book was great and hard to put down. I can't wait to find out the mystery behind the Maria father's stone in the next book!" Marsha Campbell

" I really enjoyed the book, it draws you in from page one! I like that the characters are so easy to identify with, I keep thinking to myself ‘oh, that’s just like so-and-so’" Debbie Harding

"I finished The Grotto's Secret last night - wow!  Have to say I couldn't put it down. I felt engaged with the characters and the sweep of history and geography gave me some real food for thought." Jayne West