Kick Starter Goals

My Kick Starter campaign to fund The Grotto's Secret conspiracy thriller aims to deliver these goals.


Goal #1 We're covered
The Grotto's Secret has a cover!

Goal #2 We're into editing
The Grotto's Secret goes undercover for development and structural editing.

Goal #3 We're official
The Grotto's Secret will have its own ISBN.

Goal #4 Final Proof Editing
The Grotto's Secret Gets One Last Final Polish.

Goal #5 Formatting the book
The Grotto's Secret Gets Published!

Stretch Goals

Stretch Goal #1 NetGalley
By adding the book to NetGalley, I can reach journalists, fiction reviewers, professional book bloggers and librarians. NetGalley is expensive, but well worth it if we reach our target and go beyond.

Stretch Goal #2 Audio-book
Giving The Grotto's Secret to an audience of readers who have difficulty reading, but want to still race along with heroines like Kelby and Ana-María will be a wonderful achievement. Success to produce The Grotto's Secret as an audio-book depends on you and your friends pledging for the rewards listed above.

Stretch Goal #3 Book Trailer
The Grotto's Secret will get its own book trailer. As a supporter and pledger you will get first viewing and will be asked to be involved with your comments, ideas and suggestions.