Inspiring A Historical Conspiracy Novel

Inspiring A Novel

The garden looks overgrown which makes me groan. I have so much work to still do on The Grotto's Secret, yet I want to sit and look at this view all day. I never tire from gazing at it and have new plots pop up in my head with plot buzzing around my brain and new characters coming to life.

A view to inspire a novel?

Certainly, this one inspired the fictional setting for my conspiracy thriller, along with one of the main characters from the middle ages, and it inspires me to write every day.

We start the day with breakfast on the patio outside the kitchen which looks directly at this view.

breakfast in spain

The conservatory has the same view only extended down the valley. The upper terrace also has the same view, but with so much more to see because you can see right down the beautiful Guardalhorce valley to Malaga.

view inspired The Grotto's Secret

My phone images do not do the view justice!

I love how the rolling hills blend together and eventually give way to layer after layer of mountains in the distance. How can anyone not be inspired to write a novel looking at this view?

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