Get Your Poem Published In The Grotto's Secret

Get Your Poem Published In The Grotto's Secret

Are you a poet keen to get your poetry into print? I am offering one poem to be featured in my historical conspiracy thriller, The Grotto's Secret.

It's pretty easy, really - share your poem with me, I choose the one that best fits the book and hey presto, you're a published poet. You will need to read the synopsis to make sure your poem fits the story. Ideally, your poem will match the overall theme of the story with upbeat, positive lines.

The chosen poem's author will be credited beside the poem.

Once you have read The Grotto's Secret Synopsis, enter your poem for consideration here. All poems will be posted on my Pinterest board and shared on my social networks. If you prefer not to do this, please mention this when submitting your poem.

Poem Guidelines

Ideally your poem will follow a similar format to below:
1. Rhyming in some way
2. Using two, three or four lines for each paragraph. Two is best, four at most
3. About 80 words or 385 characters
4. Modern with a twist of ancient mystery woven in will be acceptable
5. Ye ol language will not suit the book's theme
6. Preferably a new and aspiring poet that has not been published before, but this is only to give new poets a chance to be published. However, all poems will be considered.

Below is an example of how the poem would look on the page inside The Grotto's Secret.

Submit your poem here.