Writing The Grotto's Secret Fight Scenes

Writing The Grotto's Secret Fight Scenes

Firstly, I love this image of a fight scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Secondly, this image has nothing to do with The Grotto's Secret, I just love the image because it conjurs up delicious images of a great fight fight scene. The lighting helps to give the image a medieval glow.

So, to my fight scenes in my conspiracy thriller ...

Rayne Hall's Fight Scene Template

In Rayne Halls eBook on how to write fight scenes she even gives you a template to write your fight scenes. For example, Rayne gives you several stages (about 6) of how to set up your fight with different elements for the location, how to raise the stakes and keep your reader in suspense. Then, she shows you how to move your fight scene into action with a thrilling climax.

I found this so useful when writing my own fight scenes for my latest conspiracy thriller novel, that I typed out Rayne’s fight scene template and use it, along with other valuable notes that I added to each section.

For example, I wanted my character to fight in self-defence so I added that to my ‘action’ section. I added all Rayne’s notes on location and how to ensure your fight scene takes place in a unique place to my fight scenes set up.

In fact, if  you combine Rayne's template for fight scenes with the blueprint from Scene and Sequel, you will have a master template for writing your whole novel. Ta-dah!

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