The Grottos Secret

A modern day conspiracy thriller with a historical twist ... 

If you like James Rollins, Steve Berry, TS Learner or Kate Mosse you will enjoy The Grotto's Secret, because it is a fast-paced thriller with international locations and supernatural whispers. 

Praise For The Grottos Secret

Praise For The Grottos Secret

Readers who have read The Grotto's Secret have had this to say ...

"In The Grotto's Secret, Paula Wynne has weaved an intriguing mystery of historical secrets and modern thrills. Wynne uses detailed settings to layer story elements that will keep readers guessing. I especially liked Maria's scenes. They gave the book a unique cultural and historical flavor." Allison Maruska, author of The Fourth Descendent


The Grottos Secret Infographics

I found a link (see below) that helps authors to create their own infographics for my conspiracy thriller novels and I started having fun playing with them.  Here are a few I have knocked up:

Medieval Book Featured In The Grotto's Secret

Medieval Book Featured In The Grotto's Secret

Here are some popular means of packing up your book to go in medieval times, including the precursor of our modern tablet sleeve. Medieval readers had additional storing options: slipping the book into a box, bag or wrapper. Unfortunately, few of these exotic – and fascinating – storage devices survive today. I used this particular girdle book in The Grotto's Secret.