Spanish Adventure

Snow Capped Mountains

Snow Capped Mountains

What is lovely about spending winter in Spain is not only the gorgeous sunny days and clear blue skies, but sometimes you get stunning views across the Sierras like this one. After a chilly night spent in front of the fire, we go into our local town, Competa, to be greeted with this view of the snow capped mountains.

You can get snowy mountains anywhere. But ones that are backed with endless blue sky and mediterranean homes hugging the hillside are wonderful to see so early in the morning.

Living In The Spanish Mountains

Living In The Spanish Mountains

Living In The Spanish Mountains has its ups and downs. Sorry, that just came out, I didn't plan it ...

Competa has the most amazing views. From our rental home we can see the sea at Malaga and the mountains behind us, leading to the Sierra Nevada. We often go up to this viewing point for a picnic or to have a sundowner (yes, even in winter!) and Dexter charges around scaring us by peering over the steep slopes. He has no fear!

Cross Dresser

Cross Dresser springer spaniel in Spain

Just when you think you're safe and your folks won't embarrass you any more ... WHAM! Look what happened to Dexter.

His Grandma bought him PJs to keep him warm at night in Spain, but he had no intention of being seen in public in pink stripes - until I caught him red-handed!

Ken is calling him a cross dresser. He says Dexter has joined the Big Girls Blouse gang. His friend Murph in Perham sometimes wears a raincoat and another pooch friend Fred wears an astronaut suit. And Dexter ~ all he gets is a stripy jumper.

Loo With A View

Loo With A View in Spain

I haven't blogged much lately because we have been doing so much house hunting because it has been so lovely to have our three sons coming over to visit us for the Christmas season (even though it's January now). There have been too many house viewings to mention, but I thought this one was worth posting.

This is for real, guys. And it's the guest loo. It overlooks a dry riverbed and a dam wall. Why someone wanted to dam up a dry riverbed I have no idea. Imagine doing your business sitting out there in the open!

Dry Riverbed View

house near Malaga on dry river bed

We went to see our first property viewing today in Los Moras on the Spanish coast a couple of hours from Malaga. Firstly, we had to drive half an hour up a dry riverbed to get to the village. Yes, you heard me right. A dry riverbed. Yeah, I had the same thought too - what if it rains?

Spanish Mountain Goat

Spanish Mountain Goat

After the rolling hills of Salisbury Plain, Dexter is becoming a Spanish Mountain Goat. The terrain around our new home is pretty steep so he had been going on new adventures of his own. No rabbits to be found, but the occasion pheasant or other bird has been flushed out.

Not sure if you can see what I mean by steep in this photo, but he is up and down the slopes. With ease I might add ...

Check out this video of Dexter goating around ...