Moms Frogs

Swinging In My Tree

Frog swinging on a tree branch

To add to my collection of cute Mom's Frogs, here is a birthday card she sent me many years ago with lovely words, along the lines of her and I having fun and swinging in the trees. I imagine she is telling me that I looked like this frog. Probably with red eyes from working all hours and burning the candle at both ends. Note the painted toes - although mine are often painted red or peach, not muddy brown ...

Mommy's Frogs

Cute Frog Quotes

My Mom, who is the most incredbile woman, loves frogs. Wait a minute, not real life squidgy, jumpy things. Just different images of frogs with cute sayings. I have so many to dig out and I don't want to forget them so I am going to record them here. More for my own silly pleasure and remembrance, but you too can share in the crazy to cute frogs my Mom collects.