Historical Conspiracy Thrillers

Historical conspiracy thrillers fall into the subgenre of thriller fiction. The threads of historical fact are often true or based on close thruths where bad people cause bad events, and good people identify and defeat them. Conspiracies often involve 'man-in-peril' or 'woman-in-peril' plots.

A common theme in these exciting novels involves a hero or heroine uncovering the conspiracy. They overcome lots of hurdles to find the truth amid even more deceptions: rumors, lies, propaganda, and counter-propaganda build upon one another until what is conspiracy and what is coincidence become entangled. Many conspiracy fiction novels also include the theme of secret history.

Six Classic Historical Thrillers With A Conspiracy Twist

Six Historical Thrillers With A Conspiracy Twist

There are a lot of thrilling historical reading options out there when it comes to historical thrillers but what happens when you add a twist of conspiracy? You get a book that keeps you thinking at every turn. Conspiracy thrillers take historical happenings and hints that something more is going on. When done right the conspiracy is completely believable.