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Goating Around

Goat walking in Spain

I started practising driving on the 'wrong side' of the road today. I did okay - no 'women-driver' remarks from anyone, especially Dexter the back seat driver. He was too interested in the goats that crossed our path.

In the week that we've been in Cómpeta we've bumped into these goats at least five times. Or rather they've bumped into us. It seems that the goat keeper walks them around the area all day long. Even from high up in our mountain home we can hear their bells clanging sometimes.

When we opened the window to snap a shot of them, I immediately said: Poo - they stink! Then, strangely enough, the smell of 'goats cheese' hit the back of my throat. It is such a common site in Spain - I have now used the goats as a scene in my novel, The Grotto's Secret.


By now Dexter was so excited - he thought it was a bunch of new mates for him to play with. I was pretty shocked at some of the goat's big udders. The poor goats have them hanging down between their legs and dragging on the floor!

Find out what I say about this in The Grotto's Secret.