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Dry Riverbed View

house near Malaga on dry river bed

We went to see our first property viewing today in Los Moras on the Spanish coast a couple of hours from Malaga. Firstly, we had to drive half an hour up a dry riverbed to get to the village. Yes, you heard me right. A dry riverbed. Yeah, I had the same thought too - what if it rains?

Well, said the agent, you bunker down when it rains and stay home because your property access is under water. Talk about being rural. I mean, really, we are looking for privacy and seclusion and a place for me to write while Dexter run his legs off, but this was a bit much.

It was a classic case of how the internet can completely distort properties. The house looked good online, but when we arrived - after the long, bumpy journey up the rutted river road - we found it hadn't been lived in for three years and the decay had set in. The online postings should really state such info.

On the plus side, it did have a lovely bread oven over the fireplace.

Anyway, that was the second one - I dread to show you the first one we saw. Not worth my time tapping away!

Needless to say, on the way home we both knew that those two houses were off the list!