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Dexter's Stormy Surprise

Dexter's Stormy Surprise

After a wind storm blew this piece of fabric, which looks like a dog's bed, down into our home, Dexter got really excited. He didn't know what it was and he don't like strange beings (alien or otherwise) coming into our home, he barked at it.

The only time he ever barks is when something looks out of place ... if we suddenly put towels over the pool chairs to dry ~ bark. If we bring out the bin bags and leave them at the top of the stairs to take into town (yes, we not spoilt anymore and don't have bin men collecting our bags over here!) ~ bark. A car parked in the neighbour's drive after never seeing one there before ~ bark.

He's a funny little chap, as you can see in this video, barking at something that should be lying around in his garden. Anything odd he barks at it. And it's a curious bark, not an aggresive bark. One that says: "I don't know what you are, so I am going to bark at you and hopefully you will go 'puff' and disappear because you are not supposed to be here."