Avo Road

finding avos along the spanish road

Now don't confuse this with Abbey Road by The Beatles, but there is a dirt path that we call Avo Road. That's because there are some Avocado trees up and down the steep slopes. Whenever we walk past there are a few fallen Avos and I usually pick them up and take them home to ripen.

We are loving our BBQs so having an avo or two to toss into the salad excites us. Simple pleasures... Especially cause they are free. Just like forbidden fruit, I say.

Dexter is not allowed any so he is sniffing them in the photo above - not actually munching on them.

UPDATE: After our first wind storm we found trolley-fulls of Avos down Avo Road. I lugged them all home and have been giving them away to some of our new Spanish friends.