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Warm Welcome Home

Warm Welcome Home from Dexter

It is truly magical when you trek all the way up to London, have an excellent meeting about your home business and then scoot all the way home again to get this kind of welcome!

If you have followed our story about our little cyber security manager you'll know that he is a big bag of mischief.

These images my hubby Ken took of Dexter leaping at me look like they're taken in slow motion and reminds me of a the old fashioned photo reels ...

Here's how the slow motion reels goes:

warm welcome home

Dexter leaps into my arms as I get home. He is a bit of a mad-boy and we haven't cracked the no-jumping yet in the puppy training regime. Even the Post Man gets similar treatment. Not the kissing just a huge jumping on. Maybe that's because he gives Dexter a bone when he delivers the post. Now Dexter thinks all the deliveries should carry such rewards. When other deliveries arrive the guys can't believe the warm welcome they get at the door. Of course Dexter gets a bit confused why everyone coming to the door doesn't hand out bones. He then spends the rest of the day, finding places to hide the bones ...

dexter kissing welcome

Then out comes the tongue and the mummy licking starts. Err ... I did brush his teeth before I went out (not). Not sure what he was up to in the meantime. He does tend to eat dead things on his walks on Salisbury Plain. He nabbed a pigeon the other day. Rabbits and mice and who-knows-what-else has been in the very same mouth that is now licking me to death ...

dexter kissing welcome goes on and on

Then again if you love your pooch as much as we love this little guy ... you wouldn't mind the pawing you get. It acts as a warm welcome home. The other day when we stopped off for a coffee break in a local pub a little kid asked me why Dexter was licking his fingers. I told him Dexter loves kissing so he asked me how he kisses. All I had to do was put my face close to Dexter's wet nose and out came the tongue ...

dexter's warm welcome home

And finally, after quite a few blurry photos that are not worth posting, he settles down to a cuddle. Now that he knows Mummy is home and won't disappear out of the door again any time soon, he slumps over my shoulders like any little Mummy's Boy would do. This image gives me fond memories of when my son (the human son) used to flop his arms over my shoulders and give me the same kind of cuddles.

No matter what kind of kids you have - human or pets - they're all just as loyal and lovable. And when it comes to a warm welcome home, nothing, but nothing beats a huge Mummy-Hug!

Dexter did this kind of hugging, kissing welcome when I spoke at the Business Start Up Show earlier in the year. Ken picked me up the station and took Dexter along to see me in a different environment to give him new puppy experiences.

Everyone walking past were oohing and ahhing and saying 'what a fabulous welcome'. One lady even said ... 'wish my husband would give me that kind of welcome when I got home.'

Do you have a favourite pet? Show us yours in iHubbub's Home Business Pets Gallery. What kind of pet welcome home to you get? Do share yours in our comments below ...