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Paula Wynne's blog

Keeping Warm In Stormy Weather

Cute Orangutan wrapped in red towel

With all the rain and blowy weather over the past few festive weeks the UK has been gripped by storms. Terrible floods and accidents from blow down trees or worse has given the insurance companies a serious phone-line-traffic-jam. Our fence was blown down in the first storm over Christmas that had 80 miles per hour winds. A lovely tree was partly uprooted and it will be dry day's job (and a half) to reroot the poor tree and our green house plastic covering was ripped to shreds.

Swinging In My Tree

Frog swinging on a tree branch

To add to my collection of cute Mom's Frogs, here is a birthday card she sent me many years ago with lovely words, along the lines of her and I having fun and swinging in the trees. I imagine she is telling me that I looked like this frog. Probably with red eyes from working all hours and burning the candle at both ends. Note the painted toes - although mine are often painted red or peach, not muddy brown ...

Feet, Feet And More Sewing Feet

Sewing machine feet and how to use them

Ken bought me an Elna Sewing Machine for my 50th! I fell madly in love with sewing all over again after not sewing for many years. I had a lovely sturdy Elna sewing machine and a fab overlooker up until my divorce many years ago and I had to sell it and that broke my heart. So here I am 'whirring' away on my cute little sewing machine, making my gorgeous niece a duvet and decorating her room to match the duvet.

Free Ride To Work

I have this strange love for cute monkey's, mostly those gorgeous little round-faced Orangutan's, but I have been known to swing over to other monkey business too. This little guy is having a jolly free ride lying on his Mama's back, every which way ... but loose.

One of my favourite films is Gorilla's in the Mist, which also shows how some people dedicate themselves to a worthy life-long cause. One day when I am rich, I'd love to go and do some charity work with the gorgeous red-heads ... err, Orangutans.

Mommy's Frogs

Cute Frog Quotes

My Mom, who is the most incredbile woman, loves frogs. Wait a minute, not real life squidgy, jumpy things. Just different images of frogs with cute sayings. I have so many to dig out and I don't want to forget them so I am going to record them here. More for my own silly pleasure and remembrance, but you too can share in the crazy to cute frogs my Mom collects.