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Should We Fire Our Security Manager

Should We Fire Our Security Manager

Ken and I recently hired a new member of the iHubbub team - our very own cyber security manager.

Admittedly, we were inspired to take him on after I spent my honeymoon with another lady - simply because he has the same lovely freckles. That really is no way to hire someone, I know, but he has lots of other credentials going for him.

But over the past month we've had more reasons to fire the chap than keep him on as he is never doing his job.

Home Sewn Home

Home Sewn Home has 20 simple sewing projects for your home

As Sally Walton says in her sewing project book, Home Sewn Home, there is something extra special about the things we have taken time to make by hand, stitching them with patience and originality. Sally teaches you to make a variety of practical items for the home. This is a great book for sewing beginners with 20 simple projects for people who have just started sewing.

I loved the full sized pattern pull out that are included in the sleeve of the book. You can copy them with a roll of brown paper and always have the original to hand for adapting to your own taste and style.

A Face Without Freckles

A face without freckles is like a sky without stars.

A face without freckles is like a day without sun.

I saw this quote in a pub a few years back when I was with my mom (who collects cute frogs) and she was so taken with this quote saying it was me! I have seen a few variations on this quote such as the one in the image:

A face without freckles is like a sky without stars.

and ...

Them's not freckles. Them's fairy dust.

All are lovely for people like me who have freckles ...