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Crossing The Channel

dexter watching the ferry leave the UK

With us finally on our way to Spain, our Spring Spaniel - Dexter - wrote this blog :)

Ruby I met another little Jack Russell on the ferry to Spain. She was as small as you, but nowhere nearly as much fun. She wouldn't play, just sat there staring at me as though I was a monster.

Imagine that. Me - a monster?  Her brother was pretty much the same. Bit of a wuss cowering behind his dad. Seeing them like that with not even one ounce of fun in them really made me miss you more Rube. Keep up that feisty spirit Ruby girl.

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes on Escape To The Continent

The image above is just after we visited the mountain property on our Escape To The Continent journey. We stopped and had a bite to eat before going off to the next property.

We had a fantastic experience on Escape To The Continent, and we are very excited to go back to visit more properties. We have several that we'd like to view in the mountainous regio west of Granada so we will keep these pages updated on our move.

Mountain Property

Mountain Property viewed by Ken and Paula Sheridan on Escape To The Continent

Our favourite property viewed on Escape To The Continent was most definitely the mountain property. When we arrived by car, even though we couldn't look up at the area, we could just hear the peace and quiet of the mountain region.

Compared to the initial sounds of the road and dogs barking in the first property we saw and stayed in, this property was immediately ticking our boxes. As we walked in and looked up at the property, both Ken and myself looked at each other and he said: YES!

Could this house be our mountain property retreat?

Keep Your Book Cover Simple

The Grotto's Secret is a historical time lapse conspiracy thriller by Paula Wynne

The 'keep it simple stupid' principle is a design rule that states that systems perform best when they have simple designs rather than complex ones. I have always hated this saying because to me it sounded derogatory and negative. But when it came to creating a cover for my new self-published novel, I had to admit the phrase is ... well, quite, perfect on some occasions.

Should We Fire Our Security Manager

Should We Fire Our Security Manager

Ken and I recently hired a new member of the iHubbub team - our very own cyber security manager.

Admittedly, we were inspired to take him on after I spent my honeymoon with another lady - simply because he has the same lovely freckles. That really is no way to hire someone, I know, but he has lots of other credentials going for him.

But over the past month we've had more reasons to fire the chap than keep him on as he is never doing his job.