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Dry Riverbed View

house near Malaga on dry river bed

We went to see our first property viewing today in Los Moras on the Spanish coast a couple of hours from Malaga. Firstly, we had to drive half an hour up a dry riverbed to get to the village. Yes, you heard me right. A dry riverbed. Yeah, I had the same thought too - what if it rains?

Spanish Mountain Goat

Spanish Mountain Goat

After the rolling hills of Salisbury Plain, Dexter is becoming a Spanish Mountain Goat. The terrain around our new home is pretty steep so he had been going on new adventures of his own. No rabbits to be found, but the occasion pheasant or other bird has been flushed out.

Not sure if you can see what I mean by steep in this photo, but he is up and down the slopes. With ease I might add ...

Check out this video of Dexter goating around ...

Windy Competa

Windy Competa

We'd only been in Competa for our second weekend when this huge wind storm whipped up off the coast, which is only about 12 miles away. In fact, we can see the sea from the pool patio.

Anyway, we all curled in front of one of Ken's rip-roaring fires while the wind blasted outside. Look at what happened to the pool.

Goating Around

Goat walking in Spain

I started practising driving on the 'wrong side' of the road today. I did okay - no 'women-driver' remarks from anyone, especially Dexter the back seat driver. He was too interested in the goats that crossed our path.

Avo Road

finding avos along the spanish road

Now don't confuse this with Abbey Road by The Beatles, but there is a dirt path that we call Avo Road. That's because there are some Avocado trees up and down the steep slopes. Whenever we walk past there are a few fallen Avos and I usually pick them up and take them home to ripen.

We are loving our BBQs so having an avo or two to toss into the salad excites us. Simple pleasures... Especially cause they are free. Just like forbidden fruit, I say.

Dexter is not allowed any so he is sniffing them in the photo above - not actually munching on them.

Cuddling By The Fire

Cuddling By The Fire with Dexter 'reading a book' to me

The day after we arrived at our temporary holiday home in Spain, it was back to work on our businesses and my novels. But on this special occasion we broke off early.

Ken made a roaring fire and Dexter and I curled up in front of it. I'd just finished a long day of working from home so I thought I would read. Ken said it looked like Dexter was reading with me or to me ...

He got a big cuddle out of it.

Our Spanish Temp Home

Our Spanish Temp Home

After the long journey across the channel on the dreadful tin ferry, and then driving through Spain we finally arrived at our new temp home.

It looks pretty good with views of the mountains to the north and the sea to the south, near Malaga. Lots more news on this as it happens.