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Groom Steals Ladies Hearts At His Own Wedding

Groom Steals Ladies Hearts At His Own Wedding

New husband, Ken Sheridan, stole all the female hearts at his own wedding when he sang a surprise ballad to his new wife, bestselling author Paula Wynne.

The home based business entrepreneurs Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne (now Sheridan), wed a couple of weeks ago and the groom shocked his new bride when he got up and sang her the lovely ballad ‘This guy’s in love with you’ by Herb Alpert.

It all started a few months ago when Ken asked a musically-minded friend if she would accompany him on the piano at his wedding with a special surprise for his bride. Their long-time friend kept the secret, covertly branded as ‘Project Herb’, knowing Paula would be thrilled with this romantic gesture.

Even though Ken is not the kind of man who seeks publicity or wants to be the centre of attention, he decided to go ahead with his idea to show his bride the extent of his love for her.

Ken, who originally hails from Dublin, often sings the beautiful Irish ballad, The Fields of Athen Rye, on the top of his voice at home, but he says he is “helped along with many a pint of Guinness”.

Ken is not musical, and not 'un-toned' either, but would never get up on stage to belt out a karaoke. That didn’t deter him to sing a song at his wedding. He simply had the notion in his heart that he wanted to do this for his bride with a particularly poignant love song.

Putting no more thought into his expressive notion, Ken suddenly drew close to the wedding date and downloaded the lyrics and then started practising his tune. Even at this stage he was still calm and confident he could pull it off.

Luckily for Ken, he was able to start practising his tune when Paula was away running wedding errands and getting her dress fitted.

On the day of the wedding Paula could see him pacing up and down the garden and wondered why he wasn’t getting dressed. Unbeknown to her, he was practising the words that he was suddenly scared he would forget.

After his musical debut, Paula, said: “I was shocked. He is a very caring and totally lovable guy, but to get up there in front of all our guests and sing was very brave and hugely romantic. I was blown away. Apparently this was written all over my face! He did this in front of his long-standing mates and his ‘hard-to-impress’ sons. How brave is that?”

Despite never having practised with the pianist, Chriss MacNevin, Ken took the floor and hits the notes. He skilfully ended his song at a crucial point where the lyrics go ... “Say you’re in love, in love with this guy. If not, I’ll just die”. And a huge round of sighing and ‘ahhs’ ensued.

At this point, Ken had stolen every female heart in the audience - and a few male hearts! As added insurance in case he tuned out or blanked the guests, when he finished Ken unfurled a little sign, he had prepared earlier, which read ‘Applause’. This resulted in a huge round of applause and laughter. Much to Ken’s relief.

At no stage did he consider bunking out even though only him and Chriss would know of his cowardice. He kept up his promise to himself to show his new bride how much he loved her.

Most women later happily reported turning to their husbands, partners or boyfriends quietly saying they wanted their own song too. One gave her husband an ultimatum to get the idea on their bucket list or else. A few asked Paula if they could take Ken home.

Truth be told, Ken has given the other male guests, including their three sons, a high bar to wed by.

Ken said: “That was tough and extremely nerve wracking. Thank goodness Chriss knew what she was doing on the piano or I would never have got to the end. However, one good thing, I think I did impress my new wife!”

The couple run their business, iHubbub, a social community to help home based business entrepreneurs promote their businesses and grow stronger, from their own home.

Despite misfortunes such as Paula having to have a shoulder reconstruction with metal plates, Ken and Paula sold up their big home, gave up the extra cars and family trimmings and downsized to put their savings and personal energy into creating a close-knit community for home business owners.

Before starting iHubbub Ken stacked up big brands in his career, working for Pepsi, Walkers and Hutchison Whampoa. At no point as a corporate high flyer did Ken ever think he would steal hearts with a simple love song to his wife. There weren’t many dry eyes amongst the guests that night which just goes to show, men can and do show their emotions – in the nicest possible way.

Guys, guys, guys - are you this brave? Please tell us if you've done something similar by adding your comments below ...

Watch Ken's music bravado on YouTube!