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Feet, Feet And More Sewing Feet

Sewing machine feet and how to use them

Ken bought me an Elna Sewing Machine for my 50th! I fell madly in love with sewing all over again after not sewing for many years. I had a lovely sturdy Elna sewing machine and a fab overlooker up until my divorce many years ago and I had to sell it and that broke my heart. So here I am 'whirring' away on my cute little sewing machine, making my gorgeous niece a duvet and decorating her room to match the duvet.

This is when I came unstuck. I did the snapper tape on the bottom with a normal sewing foot and as it bumped over the studs I realised I hadn't used the right foot. So I did it again with the zipper foot, which of course slid easily alongside the studs giving a professional finish.

I dug in my yummy-mummy Zebra 'beauty box', which acts perfectly fine as my sewing box and I spotted loads of feet that I had forgotten about from my old sewing machine. Time and age weans the brain of vitality and I couldn't for the life of me remember what all these feet were.

I poked around the web and I found Sewing Machine Feet From A to Z by Steffani Lincecum who explains what these sewing machine feet are and how they work. Learn along with me at Steffani's Crafty Sewing.

This also got me thinking, is there a book or eBook out there on sewing feet and what they're used for? More importantly, all the tricks and tips for overcoming these little snags when sewing for home crafts ...

If you know of any good books or other good sewing links, please do share it with me in the comments below.