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An Outstanding Frog

An Outstanding Frog in Mom's cute frog collection

Mom sent me this cute frog the other and still doesn't know I am blogging about her cute frog collection! She was having a tough time and sent me this frog. Yes, she was having a tough time not me. You'd think she would send it to someone who is having a tough time - and yes, she does.

But this incredible woman - my Mom - has spent the past year nursing my sister who had cancer. Sadly, my sister passed away in December last year and now my mom is the guardian of my sister's Down's Syndrome beautiful daughter.

Throughout the past year of exhaustion and sadness at watching her daughter fade away, Super Mom remained upbeat, positive (like her PMA frog), kind and caring. Most of all, whenever she was down and her days were tough, she turned to her frog collection and sent us all a cute frog. 

What a lady, hey!

This cute frog says: I'm going to stand outside, so if anyone asks I am outstanding.

Here's to an Outstanding Mom ...