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Dexter's Slipper Parade

Dexter's Slipper Parade

At it again. Dexter loves all things little and soft and chewy. From a pup, he has gone after shoes. Many a time we had visitors and their shoes would go missing. We had to warn everyone to keep their shoes in the 'safe-house' under the stairs.

Even when we were selling our house and we had potential buyers over to view the house, he would snatch their shoes at the door and charge around the garden making it pretty damn impossible to retrieve the visitors shoes.

Luckily now we have finally trained him to 'LEAVE IT' - in caps to show it is a gruff, stern command. And most days he does leave it. Or cowers with it still in his mouth hoping we will relent and let him have it. Not that he chews it mind, he is not a chewy kinda guy. He just loves us to know that he can take a shoe from right under our nose whenever he likes.

If you come to visit and your shoes go missing, look at the bottom of the garden ...