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Dexter The Yoga Master

Dexter The Yoga Master

When Ken and I arrived in Spain we decided to try a bit of yoga first thing in the morning. Picture the scene: it's a brighy sunny winter morning, we're in our tracksuits. Dexter is not yet out of his PJs (Ken calls him a crossdresser) and we start limbering up. We do a few stretches and then get down on our yoga mats to stretch out down there.


In comes Dexter, diving between arms and legs. Forget yoga, it's play time for him. He thinks we are down there so he can tackle us to the ground. Springer Spaniels are a lot of fun and highly lovable. Dexter's lovable personality comes across in huge doses. Everywhere we go people love him.

He is bendy and rubbery enough ~ he doesn't need to be doing yoga!

But ... please Dexter, just let us get on do the healthy thing and finish our yoga workout, will you?