Historical Conspiracy Mystery Thriller Authors You Need to Follow

Historical Conspiracy Mystery Thriller Authors That You Need to Follow

Stay up to date on historical conspiracy mystery thrillers and new authors of this exciting genre, where conspiracy twists into mystery in a modern-day and historical setting, by following the authors on Twitter or via their websites.  

If you’re an addict of these heart-pounding thrillers I am certain this list of great authors will have you champing at the bit to add their novels to your reading list. When I started looking for more authors in this fast-paced genre I was thrilled when I found all these fantastic authors to follow. Only problem now, I’ll never get any sleep because I have soooo many great books to devour!

Here's the A ~ Z

There you have it. A list of authors who you simply have to read if you love this genre as much as I do!

Even though their work varies greatly, these authors' novels will give conspiracy thriller enthusiasts and historical mystery fanatics some of the best suspense reading.  Some of them are completely serious authors who try to keep their work as realistic as possible, while others take a more fantastical view to their writing.  No matter which author from this list you pick, you are sure to get a good heart-racing read.  Grab a novel from one of these greats thriller authors, snuggle up, and read.  You won’t be getting up for a while.

Please follow and support these authors of historical fiction and conspiracy thrillers. With so many books from each of them, fans of conspiracy mystery thrillers will be burning the midnight oil as they turn a thrilling page after page. If you find any other authors who write similar books, please do let me know so I can add them to this list. And take a peek at some indie authors of historical fiction.

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